Alex Mathews - Saxophone

Alex Mathews was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri where he developed an early interest in music from his parents Patti and Steve's eclectic mix of jazz and rock records that featured The Cars, Take 6, Bela Fleck, Genesis, and Jimmy Buffett. Alex picked up the baritone saxophone in middle school, eventually joining the high school marching band and earning all-state recognition in classical competition. He moved to Nashville in 2012 to pursue a degree in classical saxophone at Belmont University. One day in the Belmont cafeteria Alex was approached by Conor and coerced into attending a rehearsal despite his lack of experience improvising. Since performing in the band’s first show he has served tirelessly as a source of songwriting inspiration (fun fact: Alex was the principal songwriter on the single “Cool it Down”) and trailer packing assistance over the last 4 years. 

Along the journey, Alex has graduated with a degree in saxophone performance and expanded his repertoire to include soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone saxophones, EWI, and flute. While Alex’s quest to gain proficiency at improvising is ongoing, he credits Alex Graham, Pedrosaxo, Brian Horner, and Jeff Coffin as figures who have instructed or mentored him during the process. Each of the aforementioned saxophonists has produced outstanding work that deserves a listen. Ultimately, Alex’s voice on the instrument has been shaped by his bandmates who have encouraged self-expression and fostered an encouraging musical community from the band’s beginning.

At the time of writing this, Alex’s two favorite albums are “Power to the People” by Joe Henderson and “Marry Me” by St. Vincent. A few other miscellaneous favorite things: finding the tastiest local restaurants when we’re on the road (please send recommendations if we’re coming to your town!), Vin Diesel movies, the St. Louis Cardinals, improv comedy/UCB adjacent podcasting (Comedy Bang Bang, Doughboys, Pistol Shrimps Radio), and spending time with his girlfriend Kelsey and their darling black lab Idgie.