"Wake Me Up" & Block Party

Waker released their new single everywhere on Friday, April 28th. The new song "Wake Me Up" was debuted exclusively on Lighting 100 on Wednesday, two days before the release. The guys were interviewed, touching on their upcoming festivals like Bonnaroo and Summer Camp, as well as their plans to record an album this summer. Waker played a stripped-down acoustic version live of their song "False Calls" as a throwback right before DJ Dan Buckley aired the recording of "Wake Me Up". 

Conor Kelly (Lead Guitar, Background Vocals) described "Wake Me Up" as the bands "anthem." When he and Chase Bader (Vocals, Acoustic Guitar) sat down to write the song, the intention was always there to write a catchy song that would embody everything that is the band, Waker.

Following their single release day, Waker played live at Lighting 100's and Marathon Music Works' Spring Block Party concert. The whole day featured local bands like, The Delta Saints, Luthi, Okey Dokey, Lister Brothers, and Mr. Steve. People from all ages came out for a fun day of food and live music. Waker played second to last at 8:00PM. The show started off with Chase Bader singing and playing alone with their song "What Now" before the whole band joined. After the band kicked in, the energy didn't stop until their set was over. Notable highlights included their songs "Maybe Next Time", "Wake Me Up", "Gemini", and "False Calls". In addition to those, Waker also played new, unreleased songs "Pretending", "Second Chance", and their closer "Pike". It's clear they have a lot of new material they excited to record and get out there.

Despite some technical issues and a few broken strings, Waker managed to win the crowd over right from the start. The saxophone microphone problem actually opened up a door to bring the song "False Calls" down to a real low, drawing the crowd in even further. It made Alex Mathews' (Saxophone) solo peak even more powerful, after the microphone was fixed. 

"One of the coolest parts was looking out into the crowd and seeing people sing along to 'Wake Me Up' having only been released for 24 hours" said Dave Czuba (Drums). "The reactions we got from our new songs was really inspiring. I can't wait to record them all."

The single "Wake Me Up" is available now on Spotify, iTunes / Apple Music, and Amazon.