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Bobby Steinfeld - Keyboards

For as long as he can remember, music has been at the front of Bobby’s brain. As a small boy growing up in Westfield, New Jersey, he learned songs on piano by ear and quickly grew to adore the instrument, studying classically from age 5. In elementary school, he started learning drum set, diving into rock, jazz, metal, funk, and latin beats as the years progressed. He took lessons on drums and piano and was always motivated to expand his skills and musical mind in both areas. 

Bobby eventually went to the University of Delaware, where he studied music education and classical piano. Up until this point, he had still only played classical music on piano, but swiftly decided to take the plunge and jam on some jazz, blues, and funk. It was during this time when Bobby began to experiment with a unique approach to playing jazz and other styles on the keyboard, adding classical undertones and drumming-inspired rhythms. 

Upon graduating in 2015, he began teaching middle school band. After two years of teaching, he felt a deep yearning to play music and left the north-east for the musical melting pot of Nashville in Fall of 2017. 

When not playing music, you can find Bobby making breakfast sandwiches, watching one of his beloved New York sports teams lose (in particular the Mets), or diving into an episode of the Sopranos or a Tarantino flick.

Bobby Steinfeld Waker Bio