photo by Kyle Somers

photo by Kyle Somers

Chase Bader - Lead Vocals & Acoustic Guitar

Born in Birmingham, AL, but raised out west in Colorado, Chase grew up a drummer learning grooves from Led Zeppelin, Boston, Fleetwood Mac, and Beatles' albums thanks to his parents' love for music. Starting out on drum set at the age of nine, it wasn't long until he started his first band. In the fifth grade Chase met Conor, a fellow classmate, and developed a friendship that would eventually turn into a musical relationship early into their high school years. During this time Chase began writing songs, as well as finding his voice, singing lead vocals for the first time. 

"One of the most impactful musical moments I had starting out was when Conor and I's high school band played a battle of the bands show at a packed iconic Denver venue called The Gothic. I remember being so nervous in the green room, but as soon as I walked onto that stage and people started to cheer, all of the nerves disappeared and I knew that this was what I would do for the rest of my life." A family job change brought Chase and the Baders back to Birmingham just before the end of high school. The proximity to Nashville and Belmont University was inciting and lead to his eventual decision to move and pursue the dream further.  

When not playing or writing music Chase enjoys the outdoors, good coffee, and living life to the fullest. 

Chase is endorsed by Breedlove guitars and 64 Audio. He plays a Breedlove CE & an OM/MME, uses a Shure 55s, and has 64 Audio A3 IEM's.  

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Photo by Kyle Somers