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Dave grew up in Franklin, MA listening to his to his dad’s taste in music. His father, Steve, popped in a Peter Gabriel: Secret World Live DVD when he was younger that struck his initial music interest. “I distinctly remember watching Manu Katché drum on that DVD and wishing I could do that.” It was after that spark that his father decided to introduce him to Genesis, Steve’s own favorite band. The two spent the night hand drumming on pillows along to many tracks featuring Phil Collins’ intricate grooves. It was then that Dave knew he wanted to be a drummer. 

When he was 10, his parents bought him a First Act drum set that he played on for hours everyday. After quickly acquiring the limb independence to actually play a drum set, and Dave’s increased desire to play drums, Steve realized it was much more serious than just a hobby. After a lot of research, Steve took Dave to a drum shop to buy him a real drum set, a 5-piece Pearl Vision kit with Zildjian ZBT cymbals. 

Dave primarily listened to and was influenced by Genesis, Rush, and Dave Matthews Band: all bands with drummers that draw the attention of the listener. Jazz Bands, Concert Bands, Marching Bands, Rock Bands, Jazz Combos, Wind Ensembles, Orchestras, All-State Bands, and a countless number of private lessons, all set Dave apart from all the other middle school and high school musicians. Dave took his talent to Nashville, TN to study music and percussion at Belmont University. 

After two years at Belmont, studying under Todd London and Derico Watson, Dave joined the locally known touring rock band, Koa (now known as Waker). 

Dave currently studies drum set with the legendary Chester Thompson.

If he's not listening to Genesis or DMB, you'll find Dave watching New England Patriots / Tom Brady highlight videos. He practically lives on Panera Mac 'n' Cheese, Chick-Fil-A, and Taco Bell, so feel free to send him gift cards. Dave speaks mostly through references from his favorite movies, Seinfeld, or The Office. Dave often wishes he was best friends with Tom Hanks.

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