David Crutcher - Keys

David Crutcher began picking out melodies on the piano at the age of three. Whether it was songs from TV shows and movies, hymns from church, or whatever his older brother happened to be practicing, David was constantly trying to figure out how to play the music around him.  Even at this young age, his family recognized his interest in music, and had him taking piano lessons by the time he was five.

Shortly after this, David’s dad introduced him to artists such as Billy Joel, Elton John, Joe Cocker, and the Blues Brothers, opening up a new realization of what could be done with a piano.  Around this time, David also enjoyed rummaging through his grandparent’s attic, where he found several albums from the 1970’s, and a Ray Charles Greatest Hits cassette tape.  After hearing these, David quickly began spending all of his free time learning Pop, Rock, Blues and Gospel genres by ear, and lost interest in sight-reading. 

Growing up in Richmond, Virginia, David soon found his way into local clubs and restaurants where live music would be playing throughout the week.  Frequenting one Irish Pub in particular, he began to meet several of Richmond’s best musicians as they played on the weekends or stopped in after other gigs in town.  As a result, David started playing professionally around Richmond before he could drive (thanks mom and dad).  Throughout his high school years, David continued to meet new musicians and gain new influences as he played around town.  He would especially like to thank Quinton Parker: his near life-long piano teacher, as well as John Holmes and Adrian Duke: two friends who expanded his interest and ability from just the piano to the current vast array of keyboards he carries on tour.

Though music is easily the force that drives David’s life, he also enjoys tinkering with electronics, watching Bob Ross episodes, and tagging our dear friend Ryan McClanahan in the most useless memes available at the current moment.  The sight of a dog can also distract David from just about any other work he should be doing.